Introducing Six New Concept Products From The Future Market

Cannabis condiments, luxurious cellular agriculture and chickens raised alongside the Blockchain. These are just some of the latest themes that we at the Future Market explore in our latest release of six new concept products, now live on our site and on display at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA Jan 21-23.

In the past 4 years we’ve created nearly 30 food concept products that take the innovative trends, behaviors, and technologies in food today and illustrates what they might look like as everyday products in our grocery stores. We continue this mission as a way to inspire and enlighten the food innovators of today to create better products and services for tomorrow.

Below is a preview of the six new products we’re launching in San Francisco this week, visit the Future Market for more details or come say hello to us in person at the Esplanade Ballroom within the Winter Fancy Food Show.

Kernza® Krunch

Kernza Krunch

Kernza® Krunch is a deliciously sustainable and fun way to start your mornings. Fill your bowl with crispy flakes made from Kernza®, a long-rooted, perennial grain that helps preserve soil health by resisting drought and reducing erosion. Read More.

Micro Green

Micro Green brings recreational Marijuana to the dining table in an elegant, refined way. Each bottle of Micro Green THC infused olive oil spray is designed to deliver a precise dose of relaxation to whatever food you wish. Read More.

Block Bird’s

Block Bird’s is the first, fully transparent supply chain line of chicken products verified by Blockchain technology. All chicken is sourced from a multitude of small farms in the American midwest, where the entire journey of the chicken, from egg to grocery store, is recorded and plainly visible on the front of the package. Read More.

Faux Fin

Faux Fin, Shark Fin Soup is a premium, indulgent soup for Asian food lovers looking to celebrate a special occasion at home, or simply make an everyday meal just a little more special. Our main ingredient, shark fin, has been cultured in a bioreactor with an algae based nutrient medium. Read More.

Mini Mill

Fresh flour is better flour. With Mini Mill, you have access to a multitude of fresh, whole grains that you grind into flour at the push of a button, all in one compact kitchen appliance. Once you taste the fresh flour difference, you’ll never go back. Read More.

Plant Plate

Plant Plate is the heartiest, most convenient way to fill up after a long day. No appetite is any match for what Plant Plate has to offer. Packed with 30g of plant based protein, Plant Plate never lets you down and always leaves you satisfied. Read More.

Come see us at the 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show, Jan 21-23 in San Francisco, CA. More details here.




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Author: Mike Lee

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